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name:xhiu ("shoe")

eng/kr ok!


please only refer to me with ♡they/them♡ pronounsi'm sensitive to the word " d--th" so please tag it (ex. d--th tw//) and any kind of media/tweets that are related so that i don't see them ㅠㅠ ( i don't tweet/rt any sensitive media, but if you have anything you'd like me to tag otherwise, please do let me know c: )i like to translate sometimes, but this acct (@igunhi) is a fanacct ! if you would like to see my translations only, feel free to follow this account) instead ^^i normally only followback oneus/onewe-only accts for the sake of keeping my tline neat !! please dont be offended if i don't followback ㅠㅠㅠi'm pretty slow at replying, but i love talking and making new friends (i'm more comfortable talking through @s, so feel free to @ me on twt if you would like to talk about oneus/onewe or anything~)

lee keonhee
my happiness ♡

kang hyungyu

['98LINE ]

• kim donghan (jbj)
• kim donghyun (mxm)
• kim shihyun
• lee junwoo
• lee gwanghyun (ydpp)

thank you for making me happy for ...♡